TheIDEASystems at a glance

TheIDEASystems is a group of IT projects that combines hosting, outsourcing, professional technical support, DevOps and a unique support team with an emphasis on exclusive personalized service.

Who we are

TheIDEASystems projects are developed and serviced by a team of experts around the world who work around the clock to create and improve products.

We speak the same language as computers, servers and network equipment, but we always keep in mind how important a human touch is in communication and IT. We have an excellent understanding of the engineering aspects and can explain what's happening in an easy-to-understand way.

Our team is located in 9 cities in 4 countries and knows 6 languages. TheIDEASystems is originally from Vancouver, Canada.

How we're changing the world

We believe that everyone in today's world should have the opportunity to create and develop internet-based projects. Our primary mission is to make this process as accessible and high-quality as possible for proficient IT users and those who are less well-versed in the field.

Our user support provides an extremely important link between complex, reliable technological solutions and an easy-to-understand human approach. We can help users understand the issue themselves or take care of everything ourselves — whatever suits users best.

You can read more about our philosophy on TheIDEAHosting's project page.

TheIDEASystems now

TheIDEASystems was founded in 2013, initially named TheIDEAHosting, and provided only website hosting services. The portfolio of services developed, and by 2022 it included a wide range of services - from the very same website hosting to private cloud, dedicated hosting, and VDS/VPS servers, along with several products that did not gain much popularity (such as the monitoring service TheIDEAMonitoring).

In 2022, we focused on support. In addition to hosting with our own support, we started servicing external infrastructure and servers that were not hosted at TheIDEAHosting/TheIDEASystems - thus, the product TheIDEASupport was born.

By 2024, TheIDEASupport had become our main product. our customers always chose our service for the exclusive support - this became the company's main product over the years.

Now you can contact us via email at