What is TheIDEASystems?

TheIDEASystems is a group of IT projects that combines hosting, outsourcing, professional technical assistance, DevOps, and unique support service with a focus on an exclusive personalized approach.

About us

TheIDEASystems projects are developed and maintained by a geographically distributed team of specialists who work around the clock to create and improve the products.

We know how to handle computers, servers, and network equipment, but we never forget the importance of human communication and a human perspective in the IT field. We know the engineering aspects well and are ready to explain them to you in simple words.

Our team is located in xx countries, xx cities, and knows xx languages; the head office and company registration are in Vancouver, Canada.

How we change the world

We believe that nowadays, every person should have the opportunity to create and develop projects on the Internet. Our main task is to make this process as accessible and high-quality as possible for those who are related to the IT field and those who do not know much about it.
Our support service is an essential link between complex, reliable technological solutions, and a competent human approach. We will help you figure it out if this is what you prefer, or we will take care of it ourselves if this is the best option in your case.

You can read more about our philosophy on the TheIDEAHosting page.


Technical support: support@theideahosting.com
Administration and Finance: administration@theideahosting.com
Complaints: abuse@theideasystems.com

Chief Technical Officer: CTO@theideasystems.com
(Collaboration, careers, complaints, suggestions, kind and not very kind letters)

Юридическая информация

Incorporation Number: BC1064690

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver